Who is the  Alp Alper?

Born and raised in Ankara, Turkey where he completed his schooling Alp Alper joined Turkish Airlines in 1992 as Flight Dispatcher.This is where he started to develop his passion for the art of photography which he had started an interest in during his youth.In Istanbul the city which he considered as his “own nature studio”  he developed his talent to international standards and still continues on this journey.

In 1999, after the disastrous earthquake that shook Turkey, he formed a group, and introduced himself to the word as Alp Alper with his work titled “Turkey from 1000 feet”. This is how his adventure took off.

At the end of 2000 he took on his role in Athens as station manager for Turkish Airlines, where he continued his Turkey project.

During this time he displayed exhibitions of “Turkey from 1000 feet” in Athens, Warsaw, Cape Town,Berlin, London, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Duisburg, Toulouse, Aussillon,Belgrade, Paris and New York .

Alp Alper, who worked with Gezi-Traveller, Gurme and Ulusoy Travelers magazines from 1999, started to work with Cosmos Travel and National Geographic in Greece. From there he also started displaying his work in Turkish and Polish National Geographic magazines.

As an artist he is still working on four photographic projects and two documentary on Turkey with his group.

To date, as an artist he has three books titled “Turkey from 1000 feet”, “Dreamscape Turkey” and “4 Season Istanbul”.

Alp Alper father of two daughters. Besides his passion for photography, he also enjoys Paragliding and Scuba Diving. Archeology and History play an importance specialty in his interests.